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About the Book

Get ready for adventure when you sit down to read this new children's book. Marty The Dolphin's Great Day Adventure is a definite a must-read.

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Book Front Cover - Book about Dolphins

Soft Cover: 20 pages, Book Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches


One afternoon while swimming with his family, dolphin friends, and tuna neighbors deep in the Pacific Ocean, Marty sees fishing boats in the distance and heads out to meet them. As Marty gets closer to the boats, he notices a small boy sitting alone on one of them.

Marty swims up to the boy and introduces himself, and learns that the boy's name is Hiro. Hiro tells Marty to go back to his dolphin pod and warn the others that they are in danger of being caught in the tuna nets that the fishermen are getting ready to lower.

Marty turns to go and warn the others when a sudden storm comes up. Halfway between the boats and his pod, the winds intensify, and Marty sees the huge waves knock Hiro overboard. The only one who can save Hiro is Marty.

Does Marty turn back to save Hiro, or does he continue to warn his dolphin family and friends of the danger that they're in? What happens next is a true act of courage and selflessness, and it will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Life Application

Many people view dolphins as expendable, but they are not. There are alternative ways to fish without killing, maiming, hurting dolphins. This book teaches young readers about the beauty of dolphins, and teaches them to love and care for them.

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